Golden Era

Discover this wonderful style that is shining on the stage around the world.


Esmeralda Style

Discover a new way of understanding oriental dance from the hand of this great artist.

Oscar flores

Fan veils with veil

An epic choreography, impressive, with the wonderful technique of Oscar Flores, learn the dynamics of the element, the different ways of using it and the magical music.

* Bring Fan Veils and Veil *


Drum Solo

Dynamic and original choreography of drum solo with Oscar Flores Style.


Isolations & Combos (Technique)

You will practice different exercises and combinations to improve your isolations.
* Suitable for all levels of bellydance and tribal dancers * 


Oriental with Veil

Refined and purelly oriental style in this choreography of the King.

* Bring Veil *

Shaabi Mix Baladi

Tommy King brings you directly from Egypt all the flavor and essence of the Baladi style, a fresh choreography that you will love.




We will work on the theoretical part: origin, costumes, rhythmology and musicality. And at the same time, we will develop all the technical part of oriental dance, merged with the flamenco / Latin cadence for the characteristic roots that this genre has.


We will work on the rhythmic changes and versatilities that will allow us the variety of combinations of steps within the same choreographic piece.

We will work on a technical level the placement in the turns, slides and characteristic movements of a dancer’s presentation.




Oriental Flamenco

We will fuse the softness of oriental dance with the force of Flamenco.

Hands & Arms (Tecnique)

We are going to clean up your hand movements and get some solid arm movements working on the correct placement of your body.




Enjoy a dramatic, lyrical choreography with expressive combinations and transitions.

We will explore some of the elements that make lyrical dance so passionate, including dynamics and expression.

sonia shil

Bollywood Pop

Enjoy the freshness of this choreography of the Indian film industry in which we will work hip movements and expression in the purest modern Bollywod Style.